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Alabama State Parks

Desoto State Park

Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow trail combination

For a great figure 8 trail, combine the Orange, Blue, Yellow and Green trails.  You’ll see three waterfalls, Lost Falls, Laurel Falls, and Indian Falls.  If you’re not sure, start with the Orange, Blue, and them move to the Yellow Trail.  You’ll see canyon rims, rivers, a huge variety of plant life, wading pools, etc.  Pick up a “not to scale” map from the Country Store/ Ranger’s Station 100 yards away.

Desoto State Park– Blue and Orange trails

Park your car at the Azalea Trail sign by the wooden boardwalk in Desoto State Park – one of Alabama’s best kept secrets on Lookout Mountain near Mentone, AL.  This loop trail offers two waterfalls, Lost Falls and Laurel Creek Falls.  They’re best seen after a recent rain.  The Orange blazed trail takes you through mixed deciduous forest.  There’ an abundance of plants in this pine and hardwood forest.  The trails are gentle and well maintained.  Pick up a “not to scale” map at the country store/ranger station 100 yards away.  The return hike on the Blue blazed trail offers rock formations, rhododendrums, and occasional views of Laurel Creek.  For more adventure, combine this with the Desoto State Park – Yellow and Green trails loop.


Yeah, I know.

It was an overcast day and Gustov was headed onshore.

Too much haze.












Desoto State Park – Yellow and Green trail

Two words.  Lush and Adventurous best describe this riverside and canyon rim hike.  Start across the street from the Azalea Trail sign and parking lot.  Zig and Zag around the wooden fence, and follow the signs towards Indian Falls.  About a 20 foot drop into a rhododendrum filled side canyon.  It’s about 100 yards from the parking lot and a flat stroll.  Drop down into the area at the foot of Indian Falls, and check it out.  Return to the Yellow blazed trail and follow it down hill to the Little River.  At first the trail is well maintained and over the next mile it transitions into a “fisherman’s” trail – not used much, over grown with bushes and weeds pushing in on both sides.  In sections, the trail is so close to the  river you can touch it.  Caution at high water levels.  You’ll need to climb the bank and get around the low spots in the trail that get covered in floods.  Several side trails go to the right and up a steep canyon.  At the top of the canyon rim, the Green blazed trail parallels the river and leads you back to the Yellow/Green trail intersection near Indian Falls.  This trail is not for the faint of heart or young children.  In many places, the trail turns into “rock hopping” and the footing is tricky and not level.




West Fork of the Little River



This Gall is almost three feet in diameter!

Note the leaves in the backgound.



Desoto State Park – Figure 8 trail, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Green



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